2019 Complete Category Information

Platinum categories require answers to a series of questions in text box format. Awards of Excellence categories require an abstract of no longer than 2 pages that fully describes your entry including, goals, results, relation/conveyance of mission, understanding of audience, budget (personnel and expenses), creativity and effectiveness. In some cases, additional judging criteria is outlined for specific categories. All categories allow for multiple file uploads that can further demonstrate the quality of your work. Only categories that specifically instruct you to mail hard copy entries to a judging coordinator require tangible pieces. If you are not asked to send your entry via mail, please refrain from doing so. Anything mailed will not be returned.

Award submissions are for events or work produced/published during November 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018. Please note, for our 7 Platinum Categories, the all-District timeline for work submitted is July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.

Select the discipline and category below to begin an entry. If you've already started the process, view your entries and complete the payment process.

Entry fees will be paid by credit card during the submission process. The Awards of Excellence entries are $50 and the Platinum categories are $125 each.

Questions about your submissions? Please reference our FAQ page here.


  • Stewardship/Donor Relations
  • Advancement Services (PLATINUM)


  • Annual Alumni Programs
  • Volunteer Engagement and Leadership
  • Programming for Special Constituencies
  • New Program Initiatives
  • Student Alumni Initiatives
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Best Use of Social Media / Technology
  • Alumni Relations (PLATINUM)



  • Design: Multi-Page Publications/Folders
  • Design: Periodicals
  • Design: Covers
  • Design: Posters
  • Design: Editorial Design
  • Design: Illustrations
  • Design: Invitations
  • Design: Specialty Pieces
  • Individual Photography
  • Excellence in Photography (PLATINUM)


  • Social Media
  • Websites: Institutional Websites
  • Websites: Individual Sub-Websites
  • Innovative Use of Technology
  • Best Use of Social Media/Technology (Alumni Relations)
  • Digital Communications (PLATINUM)


  • Diversity (PLATINUM)


  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • Fundraising Programs: Stewardship/Donor Relations
  • Fundraising (PLATINUM)


  • General Interest Magazines: <30k circ
  • General Interest Magazines: 30k-75k circ
  • General Interest Magazines: >75k
  • Special Constituency Magazines
  • Independent School Magazines
  • Annual Magazines
  • Digital Magazines
  • Community College Magazines


  • Branding Programs
  • Visual Identity Systems
  • Advertising: Campaigns
  • Advertising: Individual Ads
  • Student Recruitment Publications: Viewbooks and Prospectuses 
  • Student Recruitment Publications: Publications
  • Communications and Marketing (PLATINUM)


  • Institutional Relations Publications: President's Reports and Annual Reports
  • Institutional Relations Publications: General Publications
  • Fundraising Publications: Case Statements/General Cultivation Publications (Print)
  • Fundraising Publications: Annual Reports and Fund Reports (Print)
  • Fundraising Publications: Publications
  • External Audience Newsletters (Print)
  • External Audience Newsletters (Digital)
  • Internal Audience Publications (Print)
  • Internal Audience Publications (Digital)


  • Individual/Single Day Special Events
  • Multi-day/Series Special Events


  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • Issues and Crisis Management
  • Public Relations, Media Relations, and Community Relations Projects


  • Fundraising Videos
  • General Information Videos
  • News and Research Videos
  • PSAs and Commercial Spots
  • Recruitment Videos


  • News Writing
  • Periodical Staff Writing
  • Best Articles of the Year (PLATINUM)


For questions about a particular category, please contact the appropriate judging coordinator listed here:

Advancement Services: Wendy Johnson, wendy.johnson@rccd.edu

Alumni Relations: Jesse Whitchurch, jesse.whitchurch@utah.edu

Design and Photography: Jeff McClellan, editor@byu.edu

Digital Communications: Malinda Danziger, mdanziger@ucsd.edu

Diversity: Gloria Ko, gko@partnership.ucla.edu

Fundraising: Emily Rankin, emilyr@ucr.edu

Magazines: Sean Briner, sbriner@csusm.edu

Marketing: Jeff Noblitt, jeffrey.noblitt@csun.edu

Publications: Steven Saum, ssaum@scu.edu

Special Events: Kristin Palma, kpalma@ucsc.edu

Strategic Communication: Jarrett Haley, jchaley@ucsd.edu

Video: Christine Vaughan, cvaughan@csusm.edu

Writing: Coleen Geraghty, geraghty@mail.sdsu.edu

For general information or questions, please contact Jack Beresford at jberesford@sdccd.edu or Jennifer Mora at jennifer.mora@berkeley.edu. For technical support, please contact awards@case.org.